2017-2018 School Year: All full time spaces are filled. Please email if you would like to be added to waiting list for this year or next. Thank you for your interest!


The Beaver Bank Homework Club is a private before and after school option, providing both quality care and academic support to students from Grade Primary to Grade Nine.


We offer a range of Services on a full time, part time, temporary and/or an on-call basis. Services include Before and After School Care, Homework Table, one-on-one tutoring – please see Services.


Our rates are very competitive and we provide receipts.


The Club is conveniently located right off Beaver Bank Road in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, Canada.


The Club offers, to parents and children, a strict, 0% tolerance for any and all aggressive and disruptive behavior, bullying (physical, verbal, psychological) and aggression/violence of any kind, toward any and every person in the Club.

The club also offers a supervised and limited tech environment. In general, children are required to put away their ipads, smart phones and/or electronic games of any kind. Computers are available to children for the purposes of supervised searching (Google), playing educational games (eg Free Rice, Education.com, scratch.mit.eduAdaptedMind) and visiting our website and Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

No toxic cleaning agents. There are two cats. There are peanuts. There is messy art and baking and snow fort building along with puppet shows and Crazy Eights and our version of Table Bocce! Smoke-Free Property.


5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday to Friday for Before and After School. Also see Services.

Goals of Homework Club

To provide young learners a funsafe, creative and inspired space for their before and after school time, for days they are ill, In Service days and Holidays.

To provide a flexible, reliable child care option to parents/guardians in the Beaver Bank (Nova Scotia) area.

To provide a homework help and/or tutoring option to students (in most subjects).

Homework Club does Community Service

The Create and Donate Program allows students to create Art and donate it to organizations in our community. These items are added to raffle baskets, auction baskets or sold at fundraising bazaars. We accept requests from organizations and are especially happy when we can help local organizations. Homework Club members have proudly donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters Halifax and Building Futures Employment Society.

Beaver Bank Homework Club
BBHC Create and Donate Item 001 – One of two ABC Minion Boards created for Big Brother Big Sisters Halifax, using dough, glue, paint, wood, eye-hooks and ribbon for hanging.

For a full list of services, please click on Services.

How can we Help? Contact Us.

Please contact us for more information by emailing bbhomeworkclub@outlook.com directly or by using the form below. Thank you.


Thank you for visiting Beaver Bank Homework Club web site. Enjoy the remainder of your day!

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