Hot Pink Painting: Collective (He)Art

Not unlike the game, “Hot Potato,” this Group Activity requires participants to “Pass the Painting” after one minute of painting.

Needs and Directions

1. One “board” for each participant. In this case, four. A “board” is anything, really: Paper, Wood, Aluminum Foil, Metal. In this case, an old (painted) wood shelf cut into four equal pieces. DSCF1480

2. Craft Paint (from Dollar Store) Base color – here it is black. More Paint: White and perhaps one (or more) other color. In this case red and pink.

4. Painting implements – anything, really. Brushes, sponges, fingers, cotton swabs will do.

5. Palette – or anything, really, to mix the paint on, or in. Use recycled lids (turn up side down), plastic plates, small jars or (our favorite) chocolate box plastic inserts, to mix colors in. Make shades of colors by adding various amounts of another color – white was used here. Make 8 or more colors.

6. Pre paint the base color and let dry. Don’t forget the sides.

7. Give each participant a board, some premixed paint and brushes.

8. Choose a theme – in our case, hearts.

9. Everyone gets one minute to paint a heart, or add to one already painted.

10. After one minute, everyone stops. The board is passed to the person on the right. Another minute of painting begins. Continue passing the boards around. Stop when you want to. Picture hanging hardware

11. To hang. As our boards were blocks of wood, we used brackets nailed to the back of the block. (Yep, there’s always math.)

12. Add a mirror to your space for extra viewing fun.

Hot Pink Hearts: Collective Painting. Beaver Bank Homework Club, 2016.
Hot Pink Painting: Collective Painting. BBHC, 2016.







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