Board Games

P.S. See our Wish List below.

By 4:30 p.m., the Cards and Board Games are out. Everyone plays.

Clue, Crazy Eights, Go Fish!, Pictionary, Scrabble, War and Yahtzee are favorites. Backgammon, Crib and Chess have yet to make an appearance. The Snakes and Ladders game is a Work In Progress.

Snakes and Ladder, In Progress.

Wish List

The Club always appreciates donations of used games. In most cases, if pieces are missing, we can adapt. Thank you!
REFERENCE: List and comments from Today’s Parent.

The Amazing Labyrinth (Ravensburger)

This popular strategy game keeps kids on their toes, since a simple shift in the maze requires a major change in strategy.

The Family Game of Visual Perception (Set Enterprises)

In this addictive game of perception and logic, kids really can outperform their parents.

Cranium (Cranium Inc.)

There’s something for everyone in this popular party game: word puzzles, trivia, charades and Pictionary-like challenges.

Risk (Parker Brothers)

This classic battle game—a favourite of kids for nearly 40 years—has inspired many a multi-session marathon.

Rush Hour (ThinkFun)

This mind-challenging game works like a traditional sliding puzzle, but kids say it’s better because they like moving the miniature plastic cars and trucks to clear traffic jams.

Jenga (Parker Brothers)

Kids never seem to outgrow the thrill of building a tower of blocks, and with Jenga that thrill is built right into the game itself.

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