Homework Club: Report Card, 2017

100% of respondents indicated that without hesitation,  if today they had to choose a quality Before and After School Option, they would choose Beaver Bank Homework Club. Read on for more results.

A survey of parents/guardians of all children attending BBHC since March 2016 was conducted during April 2017. There were seven respondents.

Overall respondents were overwhelmingly satisfied with the program, the services, the value for their money and Beaver Bank Homework overall. There was one suggestion: provide a definitive guide for parents as to rates,  program, safety and qualifications. This is an excellent idea and I shall work on that document.

100% of respondents indicated that without hesitation,  if today they had to choose a quality Before and After School Option, they would choose Beaver Bank Homework Club. 

Asked why they would choose BBHC answers included: Great program, good learning environment, great rates, children are cared for and all treated equal – no bully tolerance, for all the positive influences my child experiences and ‘my kid enjoyed going there, that made me happy.’

Would you recommend Homework Club to other parents?

Yes – 100%

No/Maybe/Other – 0%

What does/did your child like about Homework Club?

Art got the most votes, also crafts, playing outdoors and our cat Murdoch who visits each child as they arrive. One responded commented the child was proud of crafts they made. Another respondent noted what their child liked about Homework Club is that “Sheryl is very active with the kids, she pays attention to them, plays with them, and always asks for their input on the activities that could be fun to do.”

What complaints does your child have?

Answers include “rules” for one respondent and “snack rules” (no empty calories) for two other respondents. Two respondents said their child did not complain about anything.

What did/do you like about Homework Club

Answers include Tech Policy, science experiments, routine, application of education in projects and crafts, having an emergency pick up at the school if required, always busy doing something creative and “Personal interaction and time … with children and her desire to want and see the chidlren excel in their overall learning skills.”

Advice to improve Homework Club

Four respondents commented they did not know of anything, and one would like to see a “definitive guide for parents outlining all aspects (program details, safety measures and qualifications, rates and payment requirements, etc.)”

How likely to recommend BBHC to other parents if given the opportunity?

On a scale of one to ten, where 10 was “I would recommend without hesitation,” five of six respondents answered “without hesitation.” One respondent scored a 7 and another scored 9.

Why did you not choose 10 for the answer in the previous question?

One respondent named conflicting charges on holidays and snow days.

Is Homework Club good value for the money?

All parent/guardian respondents agree that “Yes, I could not get better services for less money.”

Did/does your child’s experience at Homework Club enhance their overall learning skills?

Six respondents said “Yes.” One respondent selected “Don’t know.”

If today you had to choose a quality Before and After School Option, would you choose Beaver Bank Homework Club? 

100% of survey said “Yes.”

Thank you to everyone for participating!


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