On non-school days there are four spaces at BBHC. Non-school days include PD days, two Christmas Break days and March Break days. BBHC is not typically open on Statutory Holidays or through Christmas vacation although special arrangements may be made.

To book a space for your child(ren):

  1. Please check this page (below) to see if there is a space open. To assure the children who come to the club get the most out of it, we limit spaces to four.
  2. If there is a space open and you would like to book a space, please:
    1. Register your child(ren) in person, by email or using the form below, and
    2. Send payment via e-transfer. To register or book the space, payment must be received. Payments are non-refundable.
  3. If there are spaces available 7 days prior to the non-school day, BBHC reserves the right to advertise the space(s) to the public.
  4. Please see other information about non-school days HERE. Thank you!
  5. Register in person,  by email, or using the form (scroll down).
PD Days 2019-2020
Friday, September 27 – 1 spaces open
Friday, October 25 – 0 spaces open
Friday, November 22 – 0 spaces open
Thursday, November 28 – 0 spaces open
Wednesday, March 25 – 1 spaces open
Thursday, April 2 – 1 spaces open
Friday, May 15 – 1 spaces open
Monday, June 29 – 1 spaces open
Tuesday, June 30 (last day of school, if staying for whole day.) – 6 spaces open (for this day only).

Christmas Break

Monday, December 23 – 4 spaces open

CLOSED December 24 – January 2

Friday, January 3 – 4 spaces open

March Break

March 16 – 4 spaces open

March 17 – 4 spaces open

March 18 – 4 spaces open

March 19 – 4 spaces open

March 20 – 4 spaces open

Thank you, parents, for choosing BBHC! Book your spot(s) here (you may book one month/day at a time). First come, first served. Thank you for your cooperation.