Thank you for your support!!

And, thank you for taking a moment to review this page. Here you will find:

  • Updated list of items your chid(ren) need, or can use, when at Homework Club (2017-2018 school year)
  • Snacks at Homework Club
  • Calendars: Halifax Regional School Board
  • Our Wish List of items for Art and Play

2019-2020 Before/After School: Gear List

At Homework Club we do many messy activities – from mud to paint to water fights.

And, we go outside as much as possible – rain, snow or sun.

We ask that each child please leaves a bag at Homework Club or bring the items every day. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • 2 pairs of socks
  • underwear
  • old sweat pants
  • old shorts – until warm weather passes
  • old T-shirt
  • old Cozy shirt – sweatshirt, sweater
  • fitted slippers or indoor shoes (for safety reasons) – please no “flip flops”/bare feet
  • mitts/gloves for fall mornings
  • winter hat for fall mornings

To enjoy the outdoors, children will need dry and warm clothing as the seasons change:

  • Rain gear on rainy days including (1) rain boots that keep the feet dry (2) Raincoat with hood. Please do not send umbrellas.
  • Winter gear including (1) winter boots (no heels) to keep the feet warm and dry (2) winter coat (3) hat (4) mitts or gloves to keep the hands warm and dry.

We try to wear aprons and shirts to protect clothing when we paint or do messy activities – best to send stuff that is OK to use as “work/play” clothes.

Thank you for sending the gear! We appreciate your support!


Before and After school, children are offered a variety of healthy snacks – as per Canada’s Food Guide**.

Children are encouraged to drink water and finish off their lunch box – subsequently, they are offered up to:

  • one or two servings of fruit/veg daily (e.g. apple, carrots, cucumbers, banana, cantalope)
  • one or two servings of grain (e.g. whole wheat toast, unsalted crackers, muffins)
  • one serving meat/alternatives (e.g. peanut butter, boiled egg) OR
  • one serving milk/alternatives (e.g. cheese, yogurt)

From time to time (e.g. birthdays) we will have “empty calories” in the form of cupcakes, for example.

If children require more food than is itemized above, please send in their backpacks. Please do not send items that must be cooked or heated. Thank you!

We also ask that forms of “empty calorie” snacks not be consumed at Homework Club: cookies, cake, chocolate, candy, pretzels, chips, pudding, etc. If you are not sure of an item, please refer to the Canada Food Guide. Please note that children will be asked to put any empty-calorie snacks away.

Thank you for your support and help in keeping Homework Club a healthy environment.  

**For a printable pdf of Canada’s Food Guide click here.


Calendar: Halifax Regional School Board Calendar

2019-2020: START DATE: Thursday, September 5, 2020


Calendar: Statuatory Holidays in Nova Scotia

Statuatory Holidays in Nova Scotia visit:

Wish List

Arts and Crafts – Supplies

We love arts and crafts – Stuff we are always looking for:

  • Paint – we use latex, acrylic, indoor, outdoor – any paint, any amount!
  • Glue – Elmer’s – we use tons of it for crafts, making puffy paint and science experiments
  • Sewing “notions” – odds and ends of material, ribbon, buttons, tassels, bows, string, cord, etc.
  • Magazines, catalogues, calendars, old posters, children’s books
  • Odds and ends of wood always appreciated
  • Old picture frames –  With or without glass
  • Old broken Crayons
  • NEW REQUEST! Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!

Anything we can cut up and recycle or upcycle to make art!!

The Tree at Beaver Bank Homework Club
The Tree at Beaver Bank Homework Club
  • Used Children’s books (for reading) – Are always appreciated!! Any level. Any subject. We fix broken books!

Dennis Lee, anyone?

Oh, the kids around the block are like an Ice cream store, ’Cause there’s chocolate and vanilla, And there’s maple and there’s more…”  

Thank you for your support!!


Updated: September, 2019 ©BeaverBankHomeworkClub

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