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2019-2020 School Year

Payment Due Dates

The basic rate for FULL-TIME students: $16 per school day (up to 3.5 hours per day, after which a fee of $5 per hour may apply). The fees include (1) guaranteed registration space and rate ($32/day) for in-service days, snow days, labour dispute days and other surprises; (2) art and other supplies; (3) healthy snacks available each school day (on full days, please pack two healthy snacks and lunch.)

For drop-in rates, part-time rates or Homework Table (outside Homework Club hours), contact bbhomeworkclub@outlook.com.

Beginning September 2017, payments to Beaver Bank Homework Club will be conveniently due once per month, on the first of every month. The schedule of due dates, number of school days (in service and holidays are not counted) and base prices for that month will be provided.

Additional Services and Rates

School Holidays: $32 (full day up to 9.5 hours)

March Break: $32 per day or $140 for the week (full day up to 9.5 hours)

Sick Days: $32 (full day up to 9.5 hours)

Snow Days: $32 (full day up to 9.5 hours)

Pick up at school: $5

PLEASE NOTE: On full days at BBHC, please send two healthy snacks your child enjoys, and a lunch that does not require warming or cooking.


Beginning September 2017 Homework Club payments will be conveniently paid once per month, on the first of every month. Note that payments cover absences on scheduled school days. This includes if your child(ren) are absent due to illness, snow days, vacations, etc. Payments are non-refundable except in extreme circumstances.

Payments by etransfer or cash are kindly accepted. Tax Receipts provided every February.

If there is an added service (e.g. full in-service day) the extra fee ($32) will be noted by email before the end of the month, for payment due the 1st of the month. Please note that snacks and lunch are not included in $32.00 fee. Please send two healthy snacks and a lunch that does not require heating or cooking. Alternatively, BBHC will supply two healthy snacks and lunch for a small fee of $5.00.

A contract is signed yearly in which it is agreed that four-weeks’ notice is required for either party to cancel the contract. Please note if your child is absent there is no refund for that day(s). In the case of serious illness this may be negotiable.

2019-2020 School Year

Homework Club is full for the next school year. If you would like to be put on a waitlist, please contact bbhomeworkclub@outlook.com.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact bbhomeworkclub@outlook.com. Thank you.